Acoma Pueblo

Dorothy Torivio was born in 1946 into the Acoma Pueblo.

She is one of Acoma’s finest potters. She travels all over the U.S. demonstrating her skills. She has been making abstract designs on pottery since 1974. Dorothy would observe her Mother, Mary Valley, make pottery at a very young age. However, Dorothy was self taught and did not receive any direct instruction from her.

Dorothy specializes in Acoma hand coiled abstract pottery. She got the idea one day, back in 1982, to paint a design and repeat it over and over again on the shape of the pot. Dorothy basically combines the traditional pottery with her own penchant for the kinetic image, and thus creates an eye catching swirl design that contains both radiating and spiral motion. She uses a chewed yucca stalk that she fashions into a brush to paint with.

Dorothy breaks off only what she needs so that the plant is not damaged and since it comes from Mother earth, it’s free.

Dorothy says “I love the travel and expressing myself about my pottery, it creates inspiration for the younger artists out there.”

Among the many relatives Sandra Victorino (neice) is one following her footsteps.

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