Isleta-Tewa Pueblo

Chris Teller, “Pe-ou” Misty, was born into the Isleta-Tewa Pueblo, in 1956. She began working with clay at the age of 17.

Chris was inspired to carry on the tradition and continue making clay sculptures by her mother, the famous Stella Teller, who also makes storytellers and clay sculptures. Stella is featured in many publications and has won numerous awards.

Chris specializes in handmade storytellers, nativity's, and clay sculptures. She also learned the art of hand coiling pottery. She hand coils friendship pots, traditional pottery, and wedding vases using ancient methods.

Chris gathers up her own clay within the Isleta Pueblo, sifts the clay, shapes, paints, and fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors.

Chris signs her pottery as: C. Teller, Isleta, N.M. Chris also judges pottery at the New Mexico State Fair annually.

Chris is related to the following artists: Stella Teller (mother), Mona Teller, Lynette Teller, and Robin Teller (sisters).

-1989 New Mexico State Fair 1st place
-1995 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st place
-1996 New Mexico State Fair 2nd place
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