Jemez Pueblo

Marie G. Romero, ”Drum Design”, member of the corn clan, was born into the Jemez Pueblo in 1927. She was inspired to continue the family tradition of pottery making by her Grandparents at the age of 8.

Marie specializes in all aspects of pottery making; from storytellers to all shapes of pottery. She gathers her own clay from a sacred area within the Jemez Pueblo.

Marie mixes, hand coils, shapes, paints, fires outdoors the traditional way, and uses natural colors to paint her pottery. Marie signs her pottery as Marie G. Romero, Jemez.

Marie is related to the following artists: Laura Gachupin, Maxine Toya (daughters), Damian Toya, Camilla Toya, Gordan Foley, Benina Foley (grandchildren), Ponca Fragua, Bertha Gachupin (nieces), and Leonora G. Fragua (sister).

-1999 Santa Fe Indian Market 3rd Place
-Eighth Northern Arts and Crafts Show
-Gallup Intertribal Arts and Crafts Show
-New Mexico State Fair
-Others too numerous to list

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-Southwestern Pottery Anasazi to Zuni
-Talking with the Clay
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