Navajo Nation

Leslie Pablo was born in 1964 into the Navajo Nation.

He learned the art of carving sculptures on stone from his friend, Tim Washburn. Tim taught Leslie the basic fundamentals of sculpting. Leslie soon became aware of the lucrative aspect of sculpting and was inspired spiritually. He has been carving on sculptures since 1989.

Leslie specializes in sculptures hand carved from alabaster, marble, and accents his art with a oak wood base. He finds the raw materials and can turn a clump of stone into fabulous masterpieces of animals, warriors, and anything his creative mind can imagine.

His favorite sculptures to carve are the symbolic Indians and warriors going on a march.

Leslie signs his sculptures as: Year, followed by PABLO...,.

Leslie is related to the following artists: Randall Beyal and Roland Beyal who are his cousins that also sculpt on stone.

-1999 New Mexico State Fair 3rd Place
-Santa Fe Indian Market
-Farmington Totah Festival
-Flagstaff Festival of the Dines

-Next Generation of Indian Artists
Permanent Collections:
Sedona Hugh Perry Gallery