Santa Clara Pueblo

Kevin Naranjo, “Turquoise Mountain”, was born into the Santa Clara Pueblo in 1972.

He was inspired to learn and continue the long lived tradition of hand coiling pottery at the age of 10 back in 1982, by his family and his love for nature.

Kevin specializes in the hand coiled black/sienna Santa Clara pottery. He crafts traditional designs with wildlife scenery's on the exterior of the pottery. The first piece he ever made was a dinosaur, and then he sparked an interest in molding animal figurines.

Kevin gathers his own clay from the sacred grounds within Santa Clara Pueblo. He hand mixes, coils, shapes, crafts, and fires his pottery the traditional way, outdoors.

Kevin signs his pottery as: Kevin Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo.

Kevin is related to the following artists: Dolores Curran (aunt), Geri Naranjo (mother), and the late Ursulita Naranjo (grandmother).

-1995 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st & 3rd
-1997 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st & 2nd
-1998 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st place
-1999 Santa Fe Indian Market 1st & 2nd Place
-1999 New Mexico State Fair 2nd Place

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