Jemez - Zia Pueblo


Elizabeth Medina, “Sepia”, was born in 1956 into the Jemez Pueblo. She married into the Zia Pueblo.

She was inspired by her Mother-in-Law, Sofia Medina, to learn the art of working with clay. Elizabeth observed Sofia with much enthusiasm in hopes of achieving the same skills. It appears from what Elizabeth has accomplished, that she has achieved her goal.

Elizabeth specializes in the handmadetraditional Zia pottery with traditional symbols and birds. She digs up her own clay, cleans, mixes, coils, shapes, fires, and paints her pottery the traditional way, with natural colors.

Elizabeth signs her pottery as: Elizabeth Medina, Zia.

Elizabeth is related to the following artists: Marcellus Medina (husband), Lois Medina (sister-in-law), and Sofia Medina (mother-in-law).

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-Eighth Northern Arts and Crafts Show
-Colorado Indian Art Show
-Other awards too numerous to list

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