Acoma Pueblo - Sky City

Corrine and Gary Louis (husband) are both from the Pueblo of Acoma, also called the Sky City.

Corrine was first introduced to pottery making at a young age by her Grandmother,Marie Z. Chino, Mother, Carrie Chino-Charlie, respectively.

The family has been known for pottery making for many years. Corrine and Gary are carrying on the family tradition of working with pottery. Corrine and Gary first came across the idea of using horse hair on their pottery, after Corrine pulled out a recently fired batch of pottery, when one of her own strands of hair fell on the pottery and scorched the pot. It was from this accident that the idea of using such a method to decorate pottery was invented, therefore, Gary and Corrine are credited with this style of pottery.

There were many trial and errors that took place over several years, until they mastered the art of what is now called “ Horse Hair Pottery.“

Gary will also etch on the pottery to create an even greater contrast and style to the horse hair pottery. Gary and Corrine can and do other traditional styles of Acoma pottery, but since horse hair has become so popular, they have devoted a great deal of their time doing only this style.

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