Acoma Pueblo

Jackie Histia-Shutiva is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born in 1961 into the Acoma Pueblo. She is a member of the Sun Clan and the Yellow Corn Child Clan.

Jackie was taught the traditional methods used by her ancestors from her mother, Stella Shutiva at the age of 19. Stella shared all the fundamentals of working with clay and using ancient hand coiling methods.

Jackie specializes in hand coiled, traditional, contemporary, corrugated pottery. She gathers her clumps of raw clay from within the Acoma Pueblo. Then she breaks down the clumps into a fine powder form and mixes with sand to temper the clay. Once the clay has been properly cleaned and mixed Jackie begins the hand coiling process by rolling the clay into snake like coils and building a vessel to a desired shape and size. Then, she hand pinches her thumbnails into the clay to give it that corrugated look. Finally, she fires her pottery the traditional way, outdoors.

On occasion Jackie also hand crafts clay corn symbols in her clay to denote her Clan origin. Jackie hand coils a wide variety of shapes and sizes of pottery.

She signs her pottery as: Histia Shutiva, Acoma, NM.

She is related to: Ernest D. Shutiva (father), Stella Shutiva (mother), B. Gregory Histia (spouse), Shelly Shutiva, Alicia Shutiva, and Lindsey Shutiva (daughters).

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