Santa Clara Pueblo - Navajo

Paul “White Corn” & Dorothy “Corn Maiden” Gutierrez are full blooded Native American Indians. Paul was born in 1940 into the Santa Clara-Tewa Pueblo.

Eventually, he married Dorothy. She was born in 1940 into the Navajo Nation.

They were encouraged to learn the art of working with clay from several of their relatives. They were taught all the fundamentals of working with clay and using traditional ancient methods. Paul has been working with clay since the age of 12. Dorothy began experimenting with clay when she was in day school.

They specialize in handmade storytellers, Mudheads, nativity’s, angels, ornaments, and animals.

They gather the clay from within the Santa Clara Pueblo. The clay and sand is prepared by drying, grinding, and sifting before it is mixed with water to produce the medium (weight of clay). The sculptures are then hand pinched, air dried, and fired the traditional way, outdoors, with horse manure.

They sign their art as: Paul & Dorothy P. Gutierrez, SCP.

They are related to: Van & Lela Gutierrez (grandparents), Luther Gutierrez (father), Pauline Naranjo (sister), and Gary Gutierrez (son).

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