Santa Clara Pueblo-Tewa

Gary Gutierrez, “P’aa-Ay-P’in”, or “Deer Mountain”,was born in 1967 to the Santa Clara Pueblo-Tewa.

He began working with clay at the age of 9. Through out this time he also began to sell his art successfully. Gary was inspired to make pottery by the Anasazi people.

Gary specializes in hand making what he calls Anasazi figurines. He said, “To me they represent a time, when life was simple and balanced in this world.”

Gary’s favorite one’s to mold are the figures that hold the pottery.

Gary signs his pottery as: Gary Gutierrez, Santa Clara, followed by the month and year they were sculpted.

Gary is related to the following artists: Paul Gutierrez, Dorothy Gutierrez (parents), Luther Gutierrez (grandfather), Margaret Gutierrez (aunt), Lela Gutierrez, and Van Gutierrez (great grandparents).

-1999 New Mexico State Fair 2nd Place
-1999 Santa Fe Indian Market (2) 1st Place
-Santa Fe Indian Market (1st numerous times)
-New Mexico State Fair (1st numerous times)
-Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremony (1st 1993-1995)
-Bank of Santa Fe 1985 artist under 18 yrs.

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