Ergil F. Vallo, Sr.
Acoma/ Hopi

Ergil F. Vallo, Sr., “Dalawepi”, which means “Colors Of The rainbow”, was born in 1959. Ergil is half Acoma and half Hopi. Ergil was 21 years of age when he began creating his art work. Ergil has been working with pottery since 1990. He was inspired to continue the family tradition of crafting art by observing many of his family members create their art. He wanted be an active participant and add to the legacy of a long lived tradition.

Ergil primarily specializes in the incised black pottery. He uses natural pollens and minerals to get the contrast in the brilliant colors on his designs which include: hopi kachinas, mimbres animals, kiva steps, and geometric designs.

Ergil signs his pottery as: Dalawepi, Acoma/Hopi, but in the past he signed it as Ergil Vallo, Acoma/Hopi.


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-New Mexico State Fair (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) place ribbons various years
-Gallup Indian Ceremonial 2nd place in 1994
-Laguna March Show 1st place